5 easy tips to Travel in less money!!!

There are lots of people around the globe who are passionate about traveling but they have a common perception in their minds that travel cost a lot! Really?? Okay if that is the case then read this article till the end and pack your suitcases because I will share with you some of the very effective tricks which I applied during my trips to make them cheaper so check out below…

1. Choose cheaper means of transportation

A big mistake which is done by many people during trips is they travel on expensive bus/ plane/ cars.. all they want is comfort, do you know what the funny thing is? Traveling takes you away from your comfort zone so never go for comfort-ability once you left home, that’s how you create adventure as well as you save money 😉 book the cheapest bus and reach at your destination.

2. Opt. cheaper accommodation

It has been observed that people spend a lot on hotels. In which they only spend few hours of night! Because most of the time is spent outside capturing the glorious view of Himalayas and other adventures for what they came for.
So isn’t it waste of money to live in an expensive hotel? Indeed it is!
Have a look around and find a cheaper hotel or you can now go for guest hostels which are really affordable and are good for students. In coming articles we will briefly explain where and how you can find them in Pakistan.

3. Travel off-season

The best way to save money is to travel off-season. You will find everything cheaper like hotels food transport everything. There won’t be much load of people so you can also enjoy the natural beauty peacefully having only few people around you. The purpose is to absorb the nature inside you so avoid traveling during peak season…travel..and save your money.
In Pakistan, season is considered months from April to August at most of the tourist places like Naran, Swat, Kalam, Hunza, Skardu, Kalash.

Empty roads, Naran.

4. Food??

If you’re just traveling for food, then go and rush in.
But most of the times, you’re not traveling just for food, so try to avoid eating from big food restaurant chains as they’re already expensive but will cost you even more on tourist places.
My observation and experience is that the taste of food on big restaurants is just waste of money, selling you nothing but charging you high. Go for small Dhabba style restaurants, it will both save your money and give you a local touch.

Chap Shoro, a delicious local Hunza dish.

5. Avoid unnecessary shopping

When you travel, just travel never go to shop irrelevant things which are easily available in your home town. If you’re willing to buy something, then go for local traditional souvenirs as they won’t be available anywhere else.

Travel is not a matter of money, but of courage.

Share your cheapest travel experiences with us and tag someone who do not spend money at all.



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