Discovering Pakistan is a forum to support one Holy cause"Promote Tourism in Pakistan"

Discovering Pakistan is a marketplace for tour operators and tourists which offer custom tours, group tours, corporate away days, corporate events, destination weddings, expeditions, unique adventures and a lot of adventurous stuff to promote tourism in Pakistan.
In a time when there are hundreds and hundreds of tour operators with no authentic presence and poor services with fake promises, we aim to provide you services with most authentic and renowned tour operators of Pakistan. So, you don’t have to worry about ‘Should I book with this tour operator or that one?’
Book with us without any hassle and we'll provide you top-notch services and a lifetime memorable event.

This beautiful land has already lost a lot in the name of terrorism, the country being called as a “terrorist state” has been the biggest victim of terrorism itself. But now, we can’t even afford to be labeled as a terrorist state. Pakistan is much more of a heaven on Earth!

Discovering Pakistan is all about supporting the positive image of this Holy land and to bring tourism to this country. There are hundreds and hundreds of totally unexplored places in Pakistan, from the sand of Gwadar to the snow of Khunjerab, from the hustling life of Karachi to the serene valley of Kalash.

Our Blog

Discovering Pakistan is a versatile blog that is covering the best of the country at one link. We are aimed to bring the positive image of the life in Pakistan that is getting blur in the world; we formulated this blog with the best chosen writers and bloggers with their finest words that will help the readers to learn the brighter side of Pakistan.

We are putting all efforts together, to bring the best of Pakistan to the world and we are looking forward for you moral support and efforts to our team!

Safarnama Series

Safarnama is our series in which travelers write about their travel diaries and travel stories in Roman Urdu. It is a very interesting series, you’ll get in love if you start reading one of those. Plus you can submit us your travel stories and diaries by contacting us HERE!

Our Expectations from You!

All our aim is to provide maximum awareness under our capacity to help those, travel with us who can’t afford but want to. Share the awareness, all you can do is to spread wide the noble cause!

We are working on a cause to show the real actual picture of Pakistan to the world, support us by shopping our merchandise and donating us.

Pakistan Zindabad!

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