Facts about Cherry Blossoms you haven’t heard before

February 22, 2020by hoMusk34

Cherry Blossoms are the welcoming sign of Springs but everyone doesn’t get the chance to witness the beauty of these flowers! Here are some facts you must have not known before!

1. Japan is the most famous country to witness Cherry Blossoms!

2. Plucking a Cherry Blossom flower in U.S can get you arrested.

3. Flower Petals of Cherry Blossoms are edible and are used in traditional Japanese sweets and tea.

Discovering Pakistan

4. Cherry Blossom flowers make top selling fragrances in US.

5. Cherry Blossom trees are native to Himalayas and they have been originated from Himalayan range of Eurasia.

6. People seek-out view of Rakaposhi Mountain with Cherry Blossom trees in Hunza.

7. The peak bloom of Cherry Blossoms is considered on April 4.

8. They are not necessarily always pink.

9. Each tree bloom for upto a week only!

10. Hunza is the most scenic place to witness bloom of Cherry Blossoms in Pakistan.

What a strange thing! To be alive beneath cherry blossoms.

Kobayashi Issa