Top 10 Honeymoon destinations in Pakistan 2020

Pakistan is home to beautiful places and there are so many hidden gems of Nature that are extremely pure and romantic. Not just romantic but scenic mountains, meadows, lakes, rivers and even deserts. Here is the list of Top 10 Honeymoon destinations in Pakistan!

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10. Kaghan Valley: 

Kaghan valley is a beautiful place to behold your honeymoon. Home to many lakes and surrounded by staggering mountains with river Kunhar flowing right beneath the main Kaghan road.
You can visit Lulusar lake, Saif-ul-Malook lake, Babusar Pass (Freezing Cold and elevation of 13,500 ft.) on your trip.

Recommended No. of days: 3-4
Best Places to Stay: There are some very good hotels in Naran bazar, Jheel road and Batakundi which are very accommodative and romantic too with beautiful views from your window.
Must to do activity: Shopping in Naran bazar, sitting on river Kunhar with your feet in the water.

P.S: Remains closed most of the year, can be visited from May to October.
Visit in September or October to get cheapest rates of hotels.

09. Shogran Valley:

Shogran is beautiful valley located near Kiwai, Kaghan. This place has silence, purity of nature and lots of greenery (and lots of snow in winters). Shogran is accompanied by the extremely beautiful Paye Meadows, which can be accessed by Jeeps from Shogran. Paye Meadows is home to Makra Peak, the name of this peak comes from Spider. When snow falls on Makra Peak, it seems like a giant spider of snow sitting on mountain.

Recommended No. of days: 2-3
Best Places to Stay: Shogran Valley is home to some beautiful hotels and cottages which are very romantic and silent.
*For some adventure lovers, you can camp at Paye Meadows (we can arrange that for you).
Must to do Activity: Lying with your partner at night in grass and staring at crystal clear stars for hours.

P.S: Only drive by yourself to Shogran if you’re a very confident and expert driver, else Park your car in Kiwai and hire Jeep from there.
Can be accessed all year!

08. Kalam Valley:

Kalam valley is the heart of Swat and also called Switzerland of Pakistan. Kalam has some of the most scenic views of Nature. Staggering Hindukush, Mahudand lake, Ushu Forest and Swat river to entertain you while you’re on your honeymoon. Kalam is nothing less than Switzerland. If you visit in Summers, The greenery welcomes you and if you visit in Winters, you can witness probably the best and ever memorable snowfall of your life.

Recommended No. of days: 3-5
Best Places to Stay: Bahrain is a very beautiful spot to stay overnight and hotels have beautiful views from windows. Kalam bazar is the most recommended place to stay, offering some very comfortable hotels as well.
Must to do Activity: Shopping from Kalam Bazar and enjoying Trout Fish right from the river.

P.S: Do not dress too bold in Bazars, They won’t say anything but people just don’t like such dressing. Avoid Traveling in night from Swat to Kalam.

07. Kumrat Valley:

If you’re looking for big comforts, then this might not be for you. But a heaven for adventurers and trekkers. Kumrat Valley is a big thick forest with lots of signs that God has not just created this but crafted this valley. Jahaz Banda is a beautiful meadow to camp and go for trekking of Magical Katora Lake.

Recommended No. of days: 4-5
Best Places to Stay: Dir has some very good hotels to stay. In Kumrat, Kaala Chashma is a very peaceful place away from rest of the world to camp. You can camp in Jahaz Banda as well if you’re looking to trek for Katora lake or Jahaz Banda waterfall.
Must to do activity: Make breakfast for you and your wife and eat near the river bank.

P.S: Do not go if you are not comfortable in camps or Huts. Its just pure nature to observe.

06. Kashmir:

Kashmir is just like a part of heaven put on Earth. It is just beautiful to celebrate your honeymoon and make some amazing memories. Everything in Kashmir from Neelum Valley to Ratti Gali lake and Kel to Dolly of Arang Kel is breathtaking. A must go place for your honeymoon.

Recommended No. of days: 4-5
Best Places to Stay: Keran has some great hotels with great views of Neelum Valley to stay. Kel is recommended place to stay while you’re on your honeymoon.
Must to do activity: Ride Dolly from Kel to Arang Kel to have an amazing experience.

P.S: Best time to visit is from May to September.

05. Astore:

Astore is one of the most beautiful places to behold purity of Nature in Pakistan. Accompanied by the view of Gigantic Nanga Parbat and extremely beautiful Rama lake. If Astore Valley is a Pizza, Rama lake is cheese. Minimarg is a beautiful point to visit in Astore, and it is truly truly heaven. The sceneries Astore has to offer, are unbelievably scenic. Justtttt go here!!!
Deosai can be visited from Astore, it is the second highest plateau in world, home to Himalayan Brown bears and many other precious wildlife species. (Super cold, but can only be accessed from July to September) 

Recommended No. of days: 6-7
Best Places to Stay: Not a wide variety of choices, but Astore city has some very good hotels to stay. Or if you have some good friends from Army, you can stay in Minimarg which is truly the BEST, but it requires permission from Army.
Must to do activity: Go early morning to Rama Lake and witness sunrise there.

P.S: Best time to visit, when you can access Deosai and Minimarg is from July to September.

04. Fairy Meadows:

Fairy Meadows lies in the heart of Nanga Parbat, just a mile from base camp. The Land of Fairies, far from everywhere, connected via a small trekk to rest of the world. Just an amazing place to be here. But again, like Kumrat, it’s not for someone seeking lots of comfort, but if you’re seeking to absorb lots and lots of Nature, Fairy Meadows is a place for you. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Pakistan. You have to trekk for 3-5 hours (based on your fitness level) or you can have horse ride (mules actually) till Fairy Meadows. The best part of this is sight of Nanga Parbat. Literally no words to explain the majesty and Greatness of this Killer Mountain.

Recommended No. of days: 5-6
Places to Stay: There are beautiful cottages made of wood in Fairy Meadows, which offer so much tranquility and vibes of Romance.
Must to do Activity: Lying on ground for hours in night to stare at sky to witness crystal clear milkyway.

P.S: Sunset and Sunrise in Fairy Meadows is magical to witness, when everywhere is dark and the only lit thing is bright Golden peak of Nanga Parbat. There are no mobile phone signals and not any WiFi in Fairy Meadows.

03. Phander Valley, Ghizer:

Ghizer is one of the most beautiful district of Gilgit Baltistan and quite underrated for tourism. It has a lot to offer in terms of Natural beauty. Phander is a heavenly valley in Ghizer and is home to beautiful Khalti Lake. If you plan a visit to Ghizer, Shandur is a must visited place. The amazing thing about this is the route of it. Ghizer can be accessed from Gilgit city and as well as Chitral. So, it makes a very good route, to go from Chitral and return back from Gilgit. Khalti lake and resorts on bank of Khalti lake are pure magic.

Recommended No. of days: 6-8
Best Places to Stay: Must have stay in Shandur in your list if you’re planning your honeymoon here. The most recommended place to stay in Ghizer will be on Khalti lake, PTDC motel Ghizer is also a very good option to consider.
Must to do activity: If you get a chance, grab a fishing rod, gas cylinder, cooking pot and some spices, and catch fish from Indus river and cook yourself.

P.S: If you want to go from Chitral to Ghizer, then best time to go is from July to September as Shandur Pass remains close most of the time in a year.

02. Hunza:

This is by far the heaven of Tourists, and the people of Hunza are way too accommodative. They don’t judge you whatever dress you wear. Hunza has so many things to offer, from majestic Attabad lake to staggering Rakaposhi, from historic forts to luxury hotel and resorts, from Passu Cones to highest border in world. Whenever time of year, you chose to go to Hunza, it will always entertain you and you won’t get bored even if you visit it for the 100th time.
If a list of ‘most romantic places to visit’ is made, Hunza will undoubtedly and unquestionably top the list, its mostly because of its vibes. It can be accessed all year, and an option to go is take a flight to Gilgit and hire taxi from there. Naltar valley is also a must visit point if you’re planning to go to Hunza on your honeymoon. 

Recommended No. of days: 6-8
Best Places to Stay: Must stay atleast one night at at Attabad lake, you have options of 5 star hotel, camps and pods with extremely scenic view. You should also consider staying in Eagles Nest as sunset and sunrise are just amazing from there. However, the recommended place to stay is Karimabad bazar.
Must to do activity: Experience sunrise or sunset at Eagles Nest and boating in Attabad lake is a very romantic idea.

P.S: A must visit place with your partner atleast once in life.

01. Skardu and Baltistan:

We have mentioned so many extremely beautiful places above in the list to go for your Honeymoon and all of them are just magical. But why is Skardu topping the list of best Honeymoon destinations in Pakistan is that the diversity of nature it offers, can not be seen anywhere in Pakistan. Skardu is home to beautiful lakes, staggering mountains, historical forts, the only cold desert in world, river flowing along the road, waterfalls and the second highest plateau in world, Deosai. You literally can get every craftsmanship of Nature in Skardu. And it can be accessed by just a 1:30hr flight from Islamabad. Skardu is also home to staggering Mountains, and also a gateway city to go for K2.

Recommended No. of days: 7-9
Best Places to Stay: So many recommended places to stay, must give a try to stay atleast one night in each. Upper Kachura, Shangrila lake (there are other great and budgeted hotels too other than Shangrila resort), Skardu City and Khaplu.
Must to do activity: Boating in Upper Kachura lake and enjoying local delicacies made from apricot.

P.S: If you have an extra-ordinary adventure in both of you, give a shot to have camping in Deosai for just 1 night, it will freeze you but totally worth to have a lifetime memorable experience.

There are one million things which can not be just described in words or can be shown in photos unless you visit them all.

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