Lahore as Love Destination in 2021-New York Times

Lahore ~ a city of Liveliness has been mentioned as one of the World’s dream destinations to Love in 2021 in The New York Times. New York Times asked their readers to tell them about different places that loved, encouraged, and comforted in the last year. 52 of the over 2000 cities were chosen and listed, among which Lahore is the one!

Pakistan has a poor reputation and has always been ignored by travelers coming to South Asia. Yet some of the kindest and friendliest people are Lahoris. They are always welcoming and love to look for travelers to feed them. People from different cities of Pakistan, come to Lahore to study and work. Lahore has its own unmatchable beauty. The hot summers of Lahore can be unbearable, but lights twinkle in the middle of the fog in the winter. The historical center of the region, Androon Lahore, is full of Mughal monuments. It’s also home to the World’s Largest Mosques – Badshahi Mosque and Grand Jamia Mosque. There are so many places to visit and too much to have in Lahore that one can never get bored. At almost every corner of the city, you will find a Dhabba, restaurant, or a cafe to dine-in. As far as the food is concerned, Lahore is known for its variety of food and best in taste! From an expensive and fancy restaurant to a little food stall, food is absolutely full of taste and appetizing.



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