Mountain Girls Premier League 2020

Pakistan’s passion-filled event ‘Mountain Girls Premier League’ recently took place in Hunza. Gulmit Young Stars Club and the Shah Talib FC played the final. As they defeated Shah Talib FC 2-0, the Gulmit Young Stars Club won the match.

Ten teams from around Hunza had taken part in this gathering. Gulmit Young Stars’ Ruqaya Farheen was named ‘Player of the Series.’ The ‘Best Goalkeeper’ award went to Gulmit Young Stars’ Bibi Asdaf. She allowed just one goal in the tournament. The ‘Player of the Match’ award went to Gulmit Young Stars’ Marvi Baig. Marvi scored one final goal, and five tournament goals.

The event’s chief guest was Mr. Kamil Jan, a social activist from Shishkat Gojal. During his speech, he said that he would still support women’s such healthy activities in his city. The final guest, Mr. Ghulam Tahir, Vice Chairman Rupani Hunza Foundation, distributed masks to the crowd along with his staff. He acknowledged participating teams and appreciated the girls for their achievements. The tournament’s sponsor was Gilgit-Baltistan Department of Tourism.

Pakistani women’s athletes are now making the country proud. However, Gulmit’s Pakistani women’s football team has shown it’s an epitome of confidence, self-belief and determination. In Pakistan, every woman can take them as an inspiration to pursue their dreams.

These young, vibrant, and ambitious individuals show to the world that women too, regardless of all of the challenges that may come their way, can do whatever they want to do once they set their minds into it.



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