Nepalese Team Made first Winter Climb of K-2 and Broke the Record!

K2 is one of the most challenging mountaineering goals in the world and one of the most treacherous. Extreme, erratic weather and acutely challenging climbing conditions challenge the technique, stamina, and psychological ability of the most accomplished mountaineers to the maximum and sometimes beyond. Many men and women while climbing the mountain, ended up with devastating results – more than 70 of them died or vanished, attempted to hit the top. However, this second-highest peak in the world also has a special and all too frequently deadly appeal for the best mountaineers of the world.

The mighty K2, also known as the “Savage Mountain” may not have never been conquered in winters if not for those Nepalis “Sherpas” because they did what everyone thought was “the impossible”. 16th January 2021, was a day when the history was written as the mighty K2 was conquered successfully during the harsh winters for the very first time. Apart from the very steep slope, it is a place where the temperature could fall below then -50 Celsius – indeed a trip only for the daring.

Mountaineers have been looking forward to summit the magnificent K2 since the 1980s (after the first winter summit of Mount Everest). It was only after the successful summit of the Nanga Parbat or the “killer mountain” in the winters of 2016 when K2 remained the only 8000 meters peak in the world that was not conquered during the winter season.

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Well not anymore! At 17:00 local time, the Nepalese team shocked the whole world and did something that was thought to be impossible. The team of 10 not only summit the Savage Mountain successfully but also returned to the base camp safely, marking the 16th January 2021 as one of the most important days ever in the history for the mountaineers.

With this summit, the long-awaited record has been made – crown goes to Nepalese Sherpas. Kudos to all of you! You have made your nation proud by making this remarkable achievement! You have shown the world that you truly are the people made for the mountains.

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This group was lead by renowned mountaineer “Mingma G” and “Nirmal Purja” who have already set multiple world records. Here is the list of all 10 brave climbers.

  1. Nirmal Purja
  2. Gelje Sherpa
  3. Mingma David Sherpa
  4. Mingma G
  5. Sona Sherpa
  6. Mingma Tenzi Sherpa
  7. Pem Chhiri Sherpa
  8. Dawa Temba Sherpa
  9. Kili Pemba Sherpa
  10. Dawa Tenjing Sherpa



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