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The National flag has significance for any country because it represents the whole nation similarly every part/color/symbol/insignia of a flag has meaning inside. To know everything about the Pakistan flag read this article.

Every year Independence Day of Pakistan is celebrated with full of patriotism and prayers for the prosperity of the country. the flag of Pakistan is hoisted on all public buildings, even the citizens decorate their homes and streets with the flag buntings and lifted on their roofs.

Do you know who stitched the first Pakistan flag? Read this article and you will learn about it and much other interesting information.


For all this, if we look back at the era of British Rule, on 30th December 1906, Muslims of the subcontinent formed Muslim league for the establishment of a separate Muslim majority state β€œPakistan”, Muslim league adopted dark green rectangular flag with the crescentΒ and a star on it.

The flag of the Muslim League served as the basis for the Pakistan flag with some minor change on it which is a one-quarter white bar on the left side of the Pakistan flag.

On 11th August 1947 Pakistan flag was first time presented to the constituent assembly of Pakistan by the first Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan for its approval.

Design of Pakistan Flag

Pakistan Flag is designed by Ameer-ud-din Kidwai, which is based on the original flag of the Muslim League, which itself drew inspiration from the flag of the Sultanate of Delhi, the flag of the Ottoman Empire and the Flag of the Mughal Empire.

Master Altaf stitched first Pakistan flag Liquat ali khan raised first Pakistan Flag in Constituent Assembly

Pakistani flag has two colors green and white. The green color has a darker shade a crescent and star in the center. Green part covers three-quarters of the flag, while the white on the left side cover one-quarter of the width of the rectangular flag.

The green part on the Pakistan flag represents the Muslim majority and the white part represents religious minorities whereas crescent represents progress and the five-pointed star represents the Five Pillars of Islam.

Pakistan flag also affirms unity and brotherhood; Muslims and other minorities will live together in peace and harmony.

Pakistan’s Interior Ministry has chosen specific dimensions for flags under different circumstances:
To celebrate any event: 9β€² Γ— 6 1⁄4β€², 21β€² Γ— 14β€², 18β€² Γ— 12β€², 11β€² Γ— 6 2⁄3β€²
Perched on buildings: 3β€² Γ— 2β€², 6β€² Γ— 4β€²
In front of cars: 24β€³ Γ— 16β€³
on the tabletop: β€Š10 1⁄4β€³ Γ— 8 1⁄4β€³

Pakistan Flag Protocols

There are a lot of National Protocols for Pakistan Flag but the most interesting one is that it must be raised at dawn and lowered at dusk except on the parliament of Pakistan which is the only official building on which Pakistan flag is never lowered

  • No other flag or color must fly higher.
  • When displayed or flown alongside other national flags, the Flag of Pakistan must be displayed or flown at the same height as the other national flags, never lower.
  • If there are two flags or colors, the Flag of Pakistan should be flown at the right. In case the number of flags is more than two and odd, the Flag of Pakistan should be placed in the center, and if the number of flags is even it should be flown the first to the right of the center.
  • When displayed alongside provincial, military or corporate flags, the Flag of Pakistan must be higher.
  • When tied to a mast, it must be tied only at the left (at the beginning of the white bar) and left to fly freely without any obstruction.
  • In a procession, the Flag of Pakistan shall be carried at the center or the right of the procession in the line of march.
  • Must not touch the ground, shoes or feet or anything unclean.
  • Never be flown in darkness.
  • Not be marked with anything (including words, numerals or images).
  • When raising or lowering: must be saluted to by all uniformed personnel, others must stand in attention.
  • Must be raised or lowered ceremoniously.
  • When displayed horizontally, the white strip must always be on the left, with a greenfield on the right
  • When displayed vertically, the white strip must always be at the top, with a greenfield at the bottom.
  • Must not fly or be displayed upside down or with the crescent and star facing left.
  • It must not be displayed anywhere where it is likely to get dirty.
  • Must not be set on fire or trampled upon.
  • Must not be buried or lowered into a grave (when burying a flag-bearing casket, the Pakistan flag must be detached from the casket and held above the grave as the casket is lowered or removed from the casket before burial).

Β Milestones of Pakistan Flag

  • 2017 – On 14 August, People of Balochistan hosted a 2-mile-long Pakistan flag in Quetta.
  • 2014 – On 15 February, 29,040 people gathered in a stadium in Lahore to form the Pakistan flag and set a new world record for forming the world’s largest Pakistan flag comprising humans, which was certified by Guinness World Records.
  • 2012 – On 22 October, 24,200 people gathered in a stadium in Lahore to form the Pakistan flag and set a new world record for forming the world’s largest Pakistan flag comprising humans, which was certified by Guinness World Records.
  • 2004 – In August, a 340 Γ— 510 ft (173,400 square foot) Pakistan flag was unfurled at the National Stadium Karachi, setting the world record for the largest flag

Officially hoisted days

March 23 Full-mast Pakistan Day: Adoption of the Lahore Resolution (1940) and declaration of the Islamic Republic (1956)
April 21 Half-mast Death Anniversary of the National Poet, Muhammad Iqbal (1938)
August 14 Full-mast Independence Day (1947)
September 11 Half-mast Death Anniversary of the Father of the Nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah (1948)
November 9 Full-mast Birthday of Muhammad Iqbal
December 25 Full-mast Birthday of Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Who can officially use

In 2002 Prime Minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali introduced Pakistan Flag rule for the prevention of misuse of the flag by the officials using flags on their vehicles because they are not entitled to do so, The Pakistan flag is flown on the official residences and vehicles (cars, boats, planes) of the following public officials:

Office Flag on Official Residence Flag on Vehicles
The President of Pakistan β˜‘ β˜‘
The Prime Minister of Pakistan β˜‘ β˜‘
The Chairman of the Senate β˜‘ β˜‘
The Speaker of the National Assembly β˜‘ β˜‘
The Chief Justice of Pakistan β˜‘ β˜‘
The Chief Justice of the Federal Shariat Court β˜‘ β˜‘
The Governors of the Provinces β˜‘ β˜‘
Federal Ministers (and officials entitled to the privileges of Federal Ministers) β˜‘ β˜‘
The Chief Ministers of the Provinces β˜‘ β˜‘
The Ministers of the Provinces β˜‘ β˜‘
The Chief Election Commissioner β˜‘ β˜‘
The Deputy Chairman of the Senate β˜‘
The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly β˜‘
The Speakers of the Provincial Assemblies β˜‘
The Chief Justices of the High Courts β˜‘
Ambassadors and High Commissioners of Pakistan β˜‘ β˜‘
Commissioners of Divisions, Deputy Commissioners and Political Agents β˜‘

Our flag is a sacred thing for us which is our dignity and a symbol of pride and I request you all too please do as much as you can to keep it fly high and respect its glory.

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