Pakistan Tourism Summit, A failed event???

April 4, 2019by hoMusk34

Pakistan Tourism Summit was a two day event organized by Landmark Communications in collaboration with Government at Jinnah Convention Centre, Islamabad. This was the first summit when Government and Private Sector gathered at one platform just to discuss the possible ways to promote tourism in Pakistan. It was attended by many high profile ministers, tour operators, some airline representatives, hotel owners and Foreign Influencers. Team Discovering Pakistan covered the event and let’s talk about how successful it was.

Purpose of the Summit

The summit was organized for a very good cause as Pakistan is much more beautiful than any other country in world but our tourism industry is lying way far behind. Pakistan hosts 5 of the 14 eight thousanders(Peaks higher than 8,000m). Pakistan is host to several beautiful, serene and scenic valleys and lakes and plains and mountains. But is never explored by most of the world, even other world has no idea about the beauty of Pakistan.

So, this whole summit was organized to give boost to the tourism industry of Pakistan.

It was a boring event

There were serious people who just talked about their experiences and possible ways to promote tourism but in a very boring tone. The whole two day summit was consisted of panelists and not even a single entertaining segment was there to engage audience except a song by a Russian singer. There must be something entertaining to engage audience in next events!

Plus very few audience attended the event and majority of the halls were quite empty.

Notable People who attended the two day summit

Many Ministers including Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary, Minister for Interior Shehryar Afridi, Tourism Minister of KPK Mr. Atif Khan and several other ministers from Gilgit-Baltistan and AJK were invited. The Keynote address was delivered by Prime Minister Imran Khan at PM secretariat.

Summit was attended by many tour operators including Rakaposhi Tours, FindMyAdventure and many other small companies. Panelists from different particular field attended the event from ambassadors of different countries to professionals and leaders of their particular field.

The whole event was covered by all media groups and some bloggers were also invited.

Failed in collaborating with local Influencers (Vloggers/Bloggers)

Many International Influencers including Trevor James, Rosie Gabrielle, Eva Zu Beck, Alex Reynolds and others were invited but many of the local influencers were ignored. Many of them complaint about this mismanagement and injustice on their social media platforms and even a small protest passed by during the panel of Ministers with cardboards saying ‘Injustice’, ‘Aimless Summit’ etc.

Because you can not sell tourism to foreigners before you sell it to local people. Desi vloggers/bloggers are voluntarily promoting tourism and must be given recognition and appreciation which was a big FAILURE of this summit and even Alex Reynold expressed this injustice by organizers on her Instagram saying that there must be the presence of local influencers along with foreign influencers.

No Practical Grounds

Some of the panelists were just promoting their particular business, and it seemed like they have paid to reserve their name on list of panelists, I am not going to quote anyone here but there must be a neutrality rather promoting their businesses. The government representatives were praising Imran Khan(Idk who they were trying to impress) and some of the panel moderators belonged to such fields nowhere near tourism.

Travel and tourism based startups and companies were not even invited, I can see many emerging and amazing startups like Traverous, must have their presence in this summit.

Do at your level best

All I want to say in the end is that if you are doing something great for Pakistan and to promote tourism in Pakistan, its not for some materialistic benefits. Its your duty, your responsibility to work for the benefit of this Motherland.
If you were ignored by Landmark Communications to be invited, don’t worry, You are not ignored by so many people who follow you on various platforms!


The overall event management was pretty awesome, volunteers were so polite and helping and there was no security issue, as in place full of ministers, anybody had the access to anyone even Ministers.

We Appreciate the efforts to raise the voice to promote tourism and hope to mitigate the lags in next one!