Myths about depth of Saif ul Malook and its actual depth

The most beautiful lake in Pakistan(as said) lies in Naran Valley and called Saif ul Malook, but it comes with some myths as conceptions and rumors are made by locals to gain the attention of tourists.

How is this lake formed

If you ever visited this lake, you might have found many locals who just charge you(they don’t say deliberately) to tell you the story of Saif ul Malook. Anyhow, we’ll write a precise article on this fairy tale, here you go the short version of it.

It is said by elders of this region that there was a prince who was in love with a fairy. He used to come to this lake to see her. One day he stole her clothes, and the beautiful fairy agreed to marry him in return for her clothes. But the fairy’s demon lover got angry and flooded the whole valley with his tears. People say after that incident, this lake formed.

But if I try to describe the beauty of this valley, words will fell short. This beautiful lake covered by mountains is something words cannot describe.

Myths about the lake’s depth

  1. Nobody could ever find the depth of Saif ul Malook and if someone tries to find it, dies.
  2. If you fell in this lake, you’ll vanish away, that demon still lives underneath the lake.
  3. This lake is 1.6km deep. (I also heard from someone that it is 1600km deep, like whatttttt????)

These all are just myths but I have also believed these myths for a long time and used to amuse by its stories. But the actual depth of the lake has just been measured.

The actual depth of the lake

The recent measurement told us that this lake is just 113ft deep and there are emergency handlers too to take care of you in case of any emergency.

Must visit this masterpiece of Nature (I suggest you visit this offseason to avoid too much crowd, in October and November). And do tell me more myths of the lake if you know!



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