Snowfall in Ayubia in May After More than a Century!

The rich green mountains of Abbottabad’s local Ayubia town received snowfall in the period of May. This month is known for bringing hotter climate, after more than a century. Ayubia is known as the Forest of Khyber Pakhtunwa, and is famous for its greenery and wildlife. Rainfall happens to be a usual activity in Ayubia but snowfall in May had been an extremely unusual activity.

According to The Express Tribune, close by regions, including the Galiyat area, also got light snowfall on Tuesday. It was quite an irregular event for the neighborhood. Rao Taimoor Ali tweeted: “Snowfall on Tuesday was very unusual even for the local population.”

A report by the local English Daily cited a 90-year-old resident of Ayubia. He said that he had not seen such climate since the British pioneer rule. According to the elder sibling of a local resident, the beautiful district got snowfall once and for all in the period of May in the 1920s. The chilly climate used to be exceptionally unforgiving even in June, a while back when his ancestors lived in the area.

Galliyat Development Authority (GDA) Director General (DG) Muhammad Raza Habib had gotten reports from his group in Ayubia about the climate. The report included that because of the unforeseen snowfall, there was no causality or unsettling influence for regular citizens living in the area.

“The change in climate was because of COVID-19 pandemic as the majority of the world is under lockdown”, said Rina Saeed, an Islamabad-based writer.



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