hunza valley

hunza water
What actually is Hunza Water?Hunza Water is the name of glacier water that the people of Hunza consume without any filtration. The secret of Longevity In 1963, Dr Patrick Flanagan was consulting for the United States’ Pentagon when he met the Father of Fluid Dynamics, Dr Henry Coanda. “Water is the most important thing you...
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The Indus valley civilization dates back to some 1000 years ago when Shahreis ruled this place before the Islamic age. Hunza Valley is also said to be the Shangri-la(heaven) on Earth by James Hilton in his novel ‘Lost Horizon‘. Hunza Valley is famous for its scenic views of nature, the high mountains of the Karakoram...
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Pakistan is naturally blessed with many beautiful places. Tourists from around the world love to visit and enjoy its mesmerizing beauty. Pakistan has a lot of beautiful sceneries, lakes, mountains, cities with beautiful architecture and most beautiful valleys. But the most beautiful three northern areas of Pakistan you must visit this summer are mentioned below....
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