Tours Policy and Undertaking

Here are few of the rules which have to be followed when on board with us. (A copy of this form will also be provided to you on your departure to take your undertaking)
  • It is strictly prohibited to bring narcotics or any other ‘illegal to possess’ item. If found any in your custody, Discovering Pakistan has the authority to cancel your registration at the very moment. If Police or any other law enforcement agency find any sort of illegal stuff in your possession, You will be responsible and Discovering Pakistan will not be questioned on your behalf.
  • You will not physically or verbally harm any other fellow traveler during the whole trip. In fact, You’ll inform about any unusual activity to the official members or my bus coordinator.
  • You’ll not humiliate/harass any fellow traveler or local people throughout the whole tour. If you do so, the team Discovering Pakistan can take any action to control the situation.
  • All members would give extra care for the local environment. Garbage (tins, water bottles, wrappers, etc) shall be suitably disposed-off without polluting the environment.
  • Any sort of illegal guns/arms are not allowed. If found any, during an inspection by the police personnel, You will be responsible for the whole matter.
  • You’ll be aware of weather conditions of the location & would make no complaint of the conditions being hostile.
  • Discovering Pakistan isn’t to be held responsible for any unfavorable event of a robbery, accidental situation, accident, or any such event, etc.
  • Discovering Pakistan will not be responsible if any delay is caused in reaching the destination due to any sort of road (jam, land sliding) issue.
  • Discovering Pakistan reserves the right to cancel the trip any time before/during the trip. In case of cancellation, Discovering Pakistan has to refund 100% amount.
  • In case of unavailability of road or vehicle, any technical/mechanical issue or weather conditions, some sightseeing points (which are mentioned in the trip Itinerary) can be canceled.
  • In case of less reservation or overbooking Discovering Pakistan reserve the right to collaborate with other tour companies without any prior notice with the same itinerary followed.
  • Due to limited resources available at touring destinations, You’ll not make any complaints about the food.
  • Extra charges can be charged during the trip such as the hiring secondary transport (Jeeps, taxi), extra food items, extra hotel charges in case of getting stuck due to any general reason.
  • Understand that the adventure/outdoor activities carry a potential risk of personal injury. You should know that neither you nor your heirs or legal representatives shall demand any compensation from Discovering Pakistan for any reason.