Traveling this Eid? Another dream!

May 22, 2020by hoMusk34

Due to Coronavirus outbreak, Pakistan is under lockdown for more than two months. Tourism industry has temporarily closed and many travelers are bound to stay home.

Pakistan has imposed unforgiving travel limitations for travelers planning a trip to the hilly areas to prevent coronavirus spread. There is no relaxation this Eid, because the government has banned tourists to travel to many areas of Pakistan.

There are a lot of road signs and banners mentioning ban on tourist activities on different areas. Areas including Gilgit Baltistan, Swat, Galiyaat Region, Naran and Kaghan Valley, Murree and Azad Kashmir will remain closed during Eid holidays.

Kaghan Development Authority notifies the ban by releasing an official notification.

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Notification by Azad Kashmir Government.

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Galiyat Development Authority also releases official notification.

Local banner by Police, Rawalpindi.

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Every year, northern areas of the country are filled with people enjoying sightseeing and beauty of the nature. Unfortunately, there is no doubt in saying that this year has been a total disaster.

As far as travelers are concerned, many travelers urge to pack up their bags and go on a road trip with their friends or family or even all alone. However, traveling at this difficult time would be putting many lives at risk!

The more cautious we are with our decisions, the sooner we will all have the option to escape this bad dream and travel once again! Stay home, stay safe!