13 Reasons why travel is important for your healthy life

When was the last time you went on a holiday trip? Regardless of the place you went, you have a camera roll full of memories in your head and on your smartphone but did you felt mentally calm and relaxed than before? The experience and joy people have when they visit their beloved destination has much more of an impact on human psychology than we expect.

1. Need for escape or a change.

The daily hustle and bustle of this competitive world has made humans to adapt a rigorous routine which takes its toll on us. To get rid of the physical and mental stress, it is essential to go on a holiday trip to charge up our mind, body and soul and take a slight shift from our daily missions.

2. Learn to adapt!

It is a different world out there, literally. Be it the pace of life, the language or simply the change in weather, it is always a change and you have to adapt to it. This is what makes travelling truly beautiful as you break away from the routine and adapt to something totally new. 

3. Experience various cultures!

Every place on earth has its own identity, which consists of people who belong there, language(s)they speak, clothes they wear and set of beliefs & norms which they follow and hold dear. Getting to experience a different culture lets you observe and learn a different way of life.

4. Traveling educates you.

Whenever someone visit a new city or a country, people often go to historical places or famous points of interests in order to learn and gain information. Also, some countries require you to communicate in their native language which brings up the opportunity to learn a new language which ultimately leads you to being bilingual.

5. Appreciate Nature!

Our planet is an astonishing thing of beauty and wonders which we take for granted. Travelling lets you explore different regions, terrains, climates and conditions that left us in shock and awe. Nonetheless, it gives you a sense of responsibility as a human to protect and preserve our planet for a better future.

6. Peace of mind

Whenever we are going through a rough state of mind, we seek tranquility in temporarily disconnecting from our normal routine and it helps us to bring things back on track. Similarly, travelling helps in releasing us from the shackles of daily life and improve one’s perspective.

7. Meet new people!

The beauty of traveling is you get to know different people, some of them are just a mere memory and some people become an important part of your life. It connects people from around the globe with one shared mission, to have the time of their lives.

8. Broadens your perspective!

Being someone who had to travel frequently and far away from home on a regular basis for educational purposes, I can assure you that traveling has made me better as a person and changed my priorities from before. It opens up your intellect and let you see the world from different perspectives with having a much more significant meaning of life than previously.

9. Rejuvenating mind and body!

Difficult word? Right. Rejuvenate is to make you younger than before!
When you travel to different cities and countries, the whole experience rejuvenates mind and body. It is can change your approach towards professional and personal lives. You can relax at the beach and enjoy with friends or families having a quality time during the trips especially the kids who like to play around and indulge in fun filled activities.

10. Enhances creativity!

Creativity and out of the box thinking requires your mind to have a broader perspective. Traveling makes your mind sharp and improves your overall work performance. In addition, traveling to a completely new place improves your information and knowledge which develops new skills and techniques you never had.

11. Appreciate Life!

In our daily lives, the comforts and luxuries which we adore are taken for granted by us. In some places that you visit living conditions are so bad that you feel truly blessed with the life you have. It really puts things into perspective. Travelling to those places really makes you appreciate all the things that you have at home. 

12. FOOD!!!

Travelling without experiencing the local food is just not complete. It is not only a culinary experience but a cultural one as well. One of the most advantage of travelling more is the discovery of new cuisine. If you like the food you will ask the Chef about the ingredients and recipe. This thing is definitely going to help in your menu. without travelling this looks quite impossible.

13. Travel makes memories!

Life is a wonderful gift. It really is, and as we travel and experience more of the world and life, we often become overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for all the beautiful moments which become precious memories and great stories to share. People don’t tend to travel as it might lead them to burning a hole in their pockets but you won’t be regret spending it.

I hope the next time you travel somewhere; you experience things differently than before. Explore, learn and contemplate about the various elements of life. You come home with the best stories when you try new things. Just remember, traveling is the most important self development tool.

Once a year, go somewhere where you have never been before…

Whats the best memory do you have of your travel experiences?
Share in the comments section below and tag someone who loves traveling but makes excuses every time. :3



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