February 2019

5 easy tips to Travel in less money!!!

There are lots of people around the globe who are passionate about traveling but they have a common perception in their minds that travel cost a lot! Really?? Okay if that is the case then read this article till the end and pack your suitcases because I will share with you some of the very...
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13 Reasons why travel is important for your healthy life

When was the last time you went on a holiday trip? Regardless of the place you went, you have a camera roll full of memories in your head and on your smartphone but did you felt mentally calm and relaxed than before? The experience and joy people have when they visit their beloved destination has...
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This is not Pakistan, Stop spreading negativity about us.

Earlier Today, a famous Pakistani NGO Fixit posted about this woman holding plastic bottles in her hands. She came here to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Himalayas and all she is doing is cleaning up the place. But, wait a second… This is not actually Pakistan, this is Nepal. The woman is standing with junk...
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Pakistan Flag

The National flag has significance for any country because it represents the whole nation similarly every part/color/symbol/insignia of a flag has meaning inside. To know everything about the Pakistan flag read this article. Every year Independence Day of Pakistan is celebrated with full of patriotism and prayers for the prosperity of the country. the flag...
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Pakistan | Darkest Side

Pakistan possess the repute of “Terrorist state” worldwide. Yes, we were! We were the biggest victims of terrorism but we were/are not terrorists. Pakistan has lost a lot due to terrorism. Oh yes, you have come here to know the darkest side of Pakistan, Fortunately, there isn’t anymore. Let me tell you what Pakistan has...
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