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Hunza Water | Where to get it and how to make it!

Know myths about Hunza water, where to get it locally and how to make Hunza water at home and its health benefits of consumption.
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Muhammad Ali Sadpara – The man who will live forever

Muhammad Ali Sadpara was, is, and will forever live in our hearts. His soul filled with love and the craze of mountains. Back in 2015, there were 2 most difficult challenges in the world of Mountaineering, the Winter Summit of Nanga Parbat (8,126m) and K2 (8,611m). In 2016, Muhammad Ali Sadpara climbed Nanga Parbat in...
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Mountain Girls Premier League 2020

Pakistan’s passion-filled event ‘Mountain Girls Premier League’ recently took place in Hunza. Gulmit Young Stars Club and the Shah Talib FC played the final. As they defeated Shah Talib FC 2-0, the Gulmit Young Stars Club won the match. Ten teams from around Hunza had taken part in this gathering. Gulmit Young Stars’ Ruqaya Farheen...
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Watch these Travel Movies & Recall Your Travel Memories

Do you miss traveling being stuck at home? You are not alone! Watching movies is always an amazing chance to remove boredom and we have a list of fun travel movies that you can watch on Netflix in Quarantine. No.1: 7 Years in Tibet Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian climber and mountaineer shares his experiences in...
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Tour De Khunjrab Cycle Race 2019

The second edition of Pakistan’s international cycling event Tour De Khunjrab Cycle Race 2019 has been launched after huge success of the 2018 event, which was well received by local and global cycling federations. Two international teams from Afghanistan and Sri Lanka are also part of the event along with 11 local teams from Gilgit-Baltistan...
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K2 – Movies based on second highest mountain in world K2

K2 is considered the deadliest mountain in the world with an elevation of 8,611m and a death toll of over 80+. The death rate of K2 is 26% as compared to Mount Everest which is 3.9%. Several movies are based on K2 and incidents on K2, here is the list of notable ones. K2 (1991)...
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5 easy tips to Travel in less money!!!

There are lots of people around the globe who are passionate about traveling but they have a common perception in their minds that travel cost a lot! Really?? Okay if that is the case then read this article till the end and pack your suitcases because I will share with you some of the very...
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This is not Pakistan, Stop spreading negativity about us.

Earlier Today, a famous Pakistani NGO Fixit posted about this woman holding plastic bottles in her hands. She came here to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Himalayas and all she is doing is cleaning up the place. But, wait a second… This is not actually Pakistan, this is Nepal. The woman is standing with junk...
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Pakistan Flag

The National flag has significance for any country because it represents the whole nation similarly every part/color/symbol/insignia of a flag has meaning inside. To know everything about the Pakistan flag read this article. Every year Independence Day of Pakistan is celebrated with full of patriotism and prayers for the prosperity of the country. the flag...
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Pakistan | Darkest Side

Pakistan possess the repute of “Terrorist state” worldwide. Yes, we were! We were the biggest victims of terrorism but we were/are not terrorists. Pakistan has lost a lot due to terrorism. Oh yes, you have come here to know the darkest side of Pakistan, Fortunately, there isn’t anymore. Let me tell you what Pakistan has...
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